DOVE Dental Products is dedicated to developing and bringing to the market cost-effective disposables for increasing patient safety. DOVE Dental principals have a proven track record in successful start-ups, product and market development, marketing, manufacturing and intellectual property development.

DOVE (Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation) Dental HVE and SE Backflow Prevention Valve devices are simple to install and intuitive with performance. With DOVE you will have outstanding performance each use and there is no need for repeated sterilization or autoclaving. 

All DOVE products are Made In the USA and are manufactured by a ISO 13485 facility in Phoenix, AZ. 

Made In USAosap

“ DOVE® finally provides a product to give me peace of mind when patients close around the suction straws... ”

- Jennifer Reese RDH

“ I just used the Capt-all for the 1st time today and I am really pleased with how it worked for my needs. I will be ordering more and I will need information on the amalgam recycle Capt-all container... ”

- Dr. Frederick Swain

“ With these disposable valves, we eliminate the risk of backflow and ensure each patient received the cleanest possible dental visit... ”

- Sheri B Doniger DDS

“ The prevention is worth every penny. Valves are now available to keep patients safe in any dental facility. New disposable versions are clean and offer backflow prevention. We need to protect our patients from microbial biohazardous debris and possible transmission of disease via backflow... ”

- Pat Pine RDH,

“ It’s not a matter if someone is going to get sick from the valves – it’s a matter of when. In today's environment guaranteeing a clean valve for every patient should not be an option... ”

- Jerry Kohen DDS
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25 FREE for COVID-19 Response

For 25 FREE SE Plus Valves please send office name and mailing address to

COVID-19 has affected us all. Dental professionals continue to offer emergency services only. In doing so they are particularly at high risk. The CDC states that the use of disposable items to improve patient safety eliminates the risk of patient-to-patient contamination because the item is discarded and not used on another patient.

Through June 30, 2020 DOVE® Dental Products will provide 25 Free SE Plus Single-use Disposable Saliva Ejectors to any U.S. dental office requiring a disposable option. 

The New SE Plus fully eliminates the saliva ejector valve. Instead, the SE Plus valve is fully disposable. The SE Plus utilizes a leading saliva ejector and is the only fully disposable SE Valve & Saliva Ejector Combination product on the market. Each device stops backflow. Saliva ejectors are secured to the valve and do not fall out, and each device is guaranteed clean. To our industry dental professionals, thank you for your commitment and be safe. 

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New Capt-all Introduced in Chicago

Introduction to Capt-all at the Chicago Midwinter

Learn more about Capt-all HERE.

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EPA Compliance 101 Amalgam Separators

This July if your a dental office – you most likely have either purchase a amalgam separator or shopping for a new system.  Capt-all HVE Amalgam Capture Tips are EPA Compliant as equivalent devices that meet the 95% collection requirement and can be easily added on the EPA One Time Compliance Forms…See below for the Equivalent Device Sections circled in red!

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