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You can only tell so much from a video or a website. Nothing beats getting Dove valves in your hands and trying them for yourself.

Improve hygiene at your dental practice

We know you care about your patients' safety, which is why we developed DOVE® valves to make it easy for you to keep hygiene a top priority.

How would your patients react?

If they knew about the risk of saliva, blood, bacteria, and viruses from other patients getting into their mouth during their dental visit?  They would be quite upset and would demand that you take steps to prevent this. Your patients trust you to use the latest technology to keep them safe from potential infection, so don't betray that trust by continuing to do things the old way, which results in around a quarter of patients getting backflow from the suction lines.

How often do you clean your metal valves?

DOVE vs metal valve

Valves are supposed to be cleaned after every patient, but many dental offices aren't aware of this or just don't have the time in between visits for a lengthy autoclave cleaning process so they just wipe off the exterior. DOVE® disposables don't have this problem, it only takes seconds to attach a new valve and you're ready for the next patient.

Increase patient trust and safety by using DOVE® Valves

Many of our original customers have built their business by educating patients on all they do to keep them safe in the dental chair. Showing your patients how you invest in their health through backflow prevention and disposable evacuation valves goes a long way toward patient retention and builds trust with you, their provider.

Innovative products from a name you can trust

DOVE® works closely with dental practices to develop our patented products while continually improving our US-based manufacturing processes to ensure the best quality while keeping costs down. The result is a range of products focused on patient safety that fit intuitively and ergonomically into your practice (and your budget).

DOVE® Saliva Ejector valves stop backflow with no maintenance

Each disposable valve has a patented one-way check valve that prevents backflow, so that even if your patient closes their lips around the tube, you (and the patient) can be confident that nothing harmful is coming back through it. And, you no longer have to worry about disassembling and cleaning your valves

Never lose another straw with the DOVE® SE Plus

With the SE Plus, the saliva ejector straw comes securely fastened to the valve, so you don't have to worry about it coming detached in the middle of a procedure.

What about aerosols?

DOVE® valves aren't just limited to saliva ejection. The AERO SE collects up to 95% of external aerosols and provides HVE power with saliva ejector comfort. There's no need for a large vacuum device, and yes, it stops backflow in its tracks just like the other DOVE® valves.

But don't disposables increase the cost per visit?

Of course, the cost structure is different for disposables compared to metal valves. On the one hand, it'll cost around $1.50 to $2 per valve, but on the other hand, you save the upfront cost of buying metal valves, and the labor cost involved in cleaning them properly and frequently enough. And when it really comes down to it, a couple of bucks per patient is well worth the benefit of preventing backflow, eliminating the bacteria that accumulates in metal valves, and capturing the aerosols inside and outside the patient's mouth. If you choose to pass this cost on to your patients, they'll be happy to pay a small premium for that extra level of protection.

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