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Capt-all® Handheld Amalgam Separator HVE Tip
Capt-all® is the only easy to use handheld  amalgam separator HVE tip that collects amalgam...
Classic HVE Valve
Case Qty 600 - AS2000 High Volume Evacuation (HVE) ValveDisposable Dental HVE Valve. 150 per...
Combo Package HVEC 150
Combination package of disposable Dental HVE Valves and DUO Tailcaps. Contains: 150 HVE Valves and...
Combo Package SEC 150
The upgraded Disposable Saliva Ejector Backflow Prevention Valve. Each Valve only allows for one-way suction....
DUO Tailcap
DUO Tailcap is designed to plug the evacuation valve suction line in either the HVE...
HVE Assy Long Valve with Medium Barb
Designed to snap on Royal, Pelton, Marus and DCI Comfort style connections. (DOVE® Model TP2000MD...
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