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DOVE® Dental Products introduces single-use hybrid device with aerosol management to combat the spread of COVID-19
The new AERO HVE/SE combo reduces airborne aerosol movement by up to 95 percent

DOVE® Dental Products announces the release of the new DOVE® AERO, a single-use hybrid device designed to significantly reduce the risk of airborne aerosol movement caused by instrument use in a dental setting.

The threat from COVID-19 has prompted oral health professionals to rethink their infectious disease protocol to mitigate the spread of contagions in three areas: evacuation, backflow, and aerosol management. With the introduction of the new AERO product, DOVE Dental Products is leading the charge. To date, no device on the market addresses all three concerns without sacrificing patient comfort or altering dental practices. According to the Guidance for Dental Settings published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “…if aerosol-generating procedures are necessary for dental care, use four-handed dentistry, high evacuation suction and dental dams to minimize droplet spatter and aerosols.”

DOVE® AERO’s innovative design addresses these concerns by combining the power of high-volume ejector (HVE) suction with the safety of a one-way backflow protection, using a secured saliva ejector (SE) for patient comfort and easier access. The AERO features a patented 360 ° external aerosol chamber to effectively manage airborne particles of up to 95 percent when combined with internal fluid evacuation.

“We are extremely excited to introduce the new DOVE® AERO HVE Backflow Prevention Valve,” said Jim Langeloh, Vice President of Sales. “It’s the first valve of its kind to offer external aerosol collection, backflow protection, and HVE power while providing patients with the comfort of using a saliva ejector.”

DOVE® AERO is a simple, cost-effective solution for oral health professionals to manage the spread of COVID-19 using instruments with which they are already familiar. “It’s the valve that does not compromise comfort, performance, or dental office space,” Langeloh added.

DOVE® Dental Products is dedicated to developing and distributing innovative, cost-effective disposable oral evacuation devices that prevent backflow and eliminate cross-contamination between patients. DOVE® products are simple to install and intuitive with performance with no need for sterilization or autoclaving. All DOVE® products are Made in the USA and manufactured in ISO 13485 facilities.
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25 FREE for COVID-19 Response

For 25 FREE SE Plus Valves please send office name and mailing address to sales@dovedentalproducts.com

COVID-19 has affected us all. Dental professionals continue to offer emergency services only. In doing so they are particularly at high risk. The CDC states that the use of disposable items to improve patient safety eliminates the risk of patient-to-patient contamination because the item is discarded and not used on another patient.

Through June 30, 2020 DOVE® Dental Products will provide 25 Free SE Plus Single-use Disposable Saliva Ejectors to any U.S. dental office requiring a disposable option. 

The New SE Plus fully eliminates the saliva ejector valve. Instead, the SE Plus valve is fully disposable. The SE Plus utilizes a leading saliva ejector and is the only fully disposable SE Valve & Saliva Ejector Combination product on the market. Each device stops backflow. Saliva ejectors are secured to the valve and do not fall out, and each device is guaranteed clean. To our industry dental professionals, thank you for your commitment and be safe. 

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