Cap-tall Amalgam Capture Device



No More Separation Anxiety

Remove amalgam safely and effectively with Capt-all®. More effective than ordinary amalgam capture devices, Capt-all®’s specially formulated filter keeps harmful mercury out of dental equipment, vacuum lines, and secondary filters which means no messy cleaning or upkeep. Use it only when necessary. It’s the fastest way to meet EPA requirements. So, relax. You’re covered.

The benefits of Capt-all®:

  • Safer and cleaner than ordinary amalgam capture devices
  • Device recycling streamlines operational efficiencies and billing
  • Less expensive and easy to use
  • Exceeds the EPA 95% collection guideline
  • Includes recycle service and shipping container

Capt-all® meets the EPA 441.30(a)(2) requirements for dental office compliance.

Capt-all® is compliant with 40 C.F.R. § 441.30(a)(2) when used in accordance with Capt-all’s directions for use.

Confirm with your state or local authorities to see if their requirements differ from the EPA final ruling for collection of amalgam waste.


Recycle Capt-all® Safely and Effectively



    Purves Environmental Report
     Capt-all® drastically reduces the dissolved mercury from entering public water facilities. Read the Purves Report.


    EPA Final Ruling:
    The EPA will mandate the amalgam separator ruling beginning January 1, 2020. Read the EPA Final Ruling.

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    Ready to Recycle Capt-all®?

    Please call 1-855-800-DOVE (3683) to recycle your Capt-all® today. You will be asked to provide information including your name, business name, email address, phone number and a physical address.