Federal Government and Schools

Since 2015, Dove Dental Products has worked directly with leading Hospitals, Government, Military, Correctional Facilities, IHS, Dental Hygiene / Assisting Schools and Dental University Clinics.  As the leader in safer dental evacuation disposable products, our company prides itself on high-quality devices that are Made in the USA by our ISO 13485 facility in Phoenix, AZ.

Contracts and Schools Program:

Our comprehensive product line allows our disposable devices to fit any dental chair specific to each clinic.  Working directly allows us to scale pricing for small or large clinics and work within budget constraints.


DOVE® Dental Products has a team that will take your idea to concept.  As safer systems become increasingly in demand, DOVE® Dental offers in-house design specialists, 3D printing capability, and our U.S. manufacturing allows the innovation of products to develop quickly into reality.

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