HVE Valves

HVE Valves

 HVE Valves are offered in 2 styles Long-neck or Short-neck versions.

    • Long-neck versions are traditional HVE Valve styles that often hang by the actual valve when not in use.
    • Short-neck versions are newer styles that are designed to sit above the dental hanger when not in use.

Be sure to select the HVE valve that fits your Dental Chair (A list of chairs is found in the descriptions below).

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HVE Assy Long Valve with Medium Barb
Designed to snap on Royal, Pelton, Marus and DCI Comfort style connections. (DOVE® Model TP2000MD...
HVE Assy Long Valve with Large Barb
Designed to snap on existing ADEC dental chairs. (DOVE® Model TP2000 Standard HVE Tailpiece or...