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We can talk all day about how great Capt-all® is, but nothing beats getting it in your hands and trying it for yourself.

The problem with traditional amalgam separators

Did you know that with traditional amalgam separator systems, 70% of the amalgam sits in the chairside trap? That means that no matter how effective the separator is, it can only capture a maximum of 30% of the amalgam that enters the vacuum system. All that complexity and you still need to recycle the contents of the chairside trap in order to be compliant!

Capt-all® is a much safer and more elegant solution

Capt-all® captures amalgam directly from the patient's mouth before it enters your vacuum system. It's inherently safer for the dental staff who would otherwise be exposed to the toxic metal waste in the chairside trap, pump filters, and amalgam separator filters. No need for a hazmat suit.

Safety is just the beginning

Capt-all® makes it quick and painless to comply with the EPA, ADA, and Clean Water Act. There's no need to dedicate a whole bunch of backroom space for a maze of separator lines, canisters, and filters. Capt-all® fits in your hand and attaches to your existing vacuum lines with no installation required.

Once you're finished, just put it in the provided recycling container, send the container back to us with the included shipping label when it's full, and we'll take care of the rest. Since it's a single-use recyclable product, you only use it when you need it and there's no maintenance involved.

See what Amanda Hill, RDH has to say about Capt-all®:


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