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You can only tell so much from a video or a website. Nothing beats getting Dove valves in your hands and trying them for yourself.

Increase patient trust and safety by using DOVE® Valves

Many of our original customers have built their business by educating patients on all they do to keep them safe in the dental chair. Showing your patients how you invest in their health through backflow prevention and disposable evacuation valves goes a long way toward patient retention and builds trust with you, their provider.

But don't disposables increase the cost per visit?

Of course, the cost structure is different for disposables compared to metal valves. On the one hand, it'll cost around $1.50 to $2 per valve, but on the other hand, you save the upfront cost of buying metal valves, and the labor cost involved in cleaning them properly and frequently enough. And when it really comes down to it, a couple of bucks per patient is well worth the benefit of preventing backflow, eliminating the bacteria that accumulates in metal valves, and capturing the aerosols inside and outside the patient's mouth. If you choose to pass this cost on to your patients, they'll be happy to pay a small premium for that extra level of protection.

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