Dove Aero HVE - Assy Short Valve with Small Barb

Dove Aero HVE - Assy Short Valve with Small Barb

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Control aerosols without compromising comfort. The new DOVE® AERO products allow for the use of traditional instrumentation, prevent complicated working positions, and eliminate the use of large vacuums or patient-gagging gadgets. 

  • External aerosol evacuation up to 95%
  • Backflow is removed
  • Single-use for increased patient safety
  • Easy to connect

Designed to snap on Forest and DentalEZ with no o-ring. (DOVE® Model TP2000SM HVE Tailpiece Small Barb or similar tailpiece can be utilized).  Sold in 100 pk or 1000 case.  Available in blue only. 

Click here for more information on our new DOVE® AERO HVE! 

If tailpiece adapter is required, use TP2000MD
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