NEW Handheld or Traditional Amalgam Separator – What’s Right for your Practice?

This year, we have a major deadline!  The EPA has set a deadline on July 14, 2020 requiring the majority of dental offices to install an amalgam separator or similar device that prevents mercury contained in dental amalgam from entering the air, water, and land. (1a)

For the past few years dental offices have been gradually installing traditional style Amalgam Separators to prepare for the EPA ruling.  For reference, traditional style Amalgam separators are devices designed to capture amalgam particles from dental office wastewater through sedimentation, filtration, centrifugation, or a combination of these mechanisms and work with the central evacuation. (1b). They are most likely installed next to the central vacuum to tie all lines together and offer ease of access for routine maintenance required.

Traditional amalgam separators have been an excellent choice to meet the compliance requirements over the years.  However, as many offices will attest, routine maintenance, space requirements, installation challenges, wear and tear, leaking, cleaning and recycle-ability all can make these various systems time consuming, costly and aggravating.

We are not here to disparage or downplay the role these systems have played in protecting the environment!  All have had an excellent impact on assuring mercury stays out of municipal sewer systems.  With the challenges posed above, we would like to introduce you to a new alternative system that may be right for your dental office compliance, Capt-all!

Capt-all is a handheld amalgam separator HVE Tip.  It allows offices to become compliant removing amalgam by meeting the EPA 441.30(a)(2) requirement that includes a provision that allows the performance standard of the rule to be met with the use of an amalgam-removing technology other than an amalgam separator (i.e., equivalent device). (1c)

The benefits of Capt-all make it a viable option for many offices who may fit into these categories:

*Amalgam removal cases are reducing – Capt-all is used ONLY when necessary.  If you’re a office only doing a few removals here and there, the introductory 25 pack allows you to remove when you need to!

*Space is limited for access and installation of a traditional separator – Space is a premium and many offices have limited space in the utility room.  This makes routine maintenance and access difficult to empty and clean.  Capt-all is a chairside device and takes NO space up in the utility room.  Unused Tips are small enough to place in a drawer.

*The office is tired of cleaning prophy and everything else inside the Amalgam Separator – because traditional separators collect heavier waste, they tend to fill up with all sorts of junk.  It’s a yucky job that no one likes to do.  Capt-all alleviates this because its used only when necessary, not when prophy or other materials are used.  Also, Capt-all has NO cleaning and simply removed and contained after use!

*High Cost of the equipment, installation and maintenance – Most traditional systems will start around $1000 to include installation.  Recycling costs can vary as well as routine maintenance.  Capt-all is $7 per HVE Tip!  So if your office removes 5 a week or 5 a day the cost is $35!  The recycling fee is included, NO installation is necessary, and maintenance is a thing of the past!

*Its not just the amalgam separator that requires cleaning, so do traps and filters – when removing amalgam particles are created.  They do not all filter into the separator.  The do line the filters, traps and interior pipes where it flows.  Capt-all alleviates the worry and keeps all particles chairside!

*Our office has no time for installation and or recycling commitments – offices are busy and time is precious.  The standard Capt-all kit includes everything to be compliant, requires NO installation and makes recycling easy!  After usage of a Capt-all Tip, simply place the used tip into the accompanying recycle container that has a prepaid shipping label.  Once fully, simply reorder Capt-all Tips and drop the recycling container in the mail back to us!

Hopefully this answers some questions about the new handheld Capt-all Amalgam Separator HVE Tips when compared to traditional amalgam separators.

Capt-all is scheduled for market introduction at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting this February in 2020 and is stocked by the following distribution partners:

Henry Schein Dental                       Patterson Dental Supply

Benco Dental Supply                      Dental Health Products Inc

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